How Do We Heal?


In February of 2013, I found myself with a broken heart. After I shed the tears and pulled myself up to the floor, I knew that the power to heal my heart was innate, and there begun my path with rei-ki. During this ongoing transformation I learned the power of presence and how to offer myself the same care and attention I gave to friends, my job, family, and every other distraction.

In this journey, I have witnessed people be able to show up more fully in who they are and how they express themselves to the world. I have seen trauma held deeply within the body release its grips and allow for forgiveness and resolution. I have seen physical ailments diminish at the very spot of love and attention.

I meet you where you are - without judgement - and with compassionate understanding. Together we can walk on the path along your healing journey.

Reiki can help balance the physical body and electromagnetic and subtle energy fields in and around the body. It is intelligent, self-organizing and cumulative in its benefits.

In August of 2018, I began my exploration into Shibari rope bondage and immediately took to it as it mirrored a similar frequency of connection, intimacy and presence. As these modalities continue to meld, I am constantly surprised by how reiki shows up to support life and healing.