Find the light within by first seeing in the dark.

The Reverend Rucifer will lead you through an experience of healing, magic and connection. Each session is different and adapts the unique needs of your healing journey and energetic field. It will meet you where you are while allowing light, healing and love to awaken within. If you are new to bondage, new to reiki, or new to both, The Reverend will create and hold a healing space for you to experience.


Alternative Healing Modality


This is a new modality that explores the intersection between reiki healing, often supported with crystal healing, and the practice of bondage. Along her own healing journey Rev. Rue is a reiki master practitioner and teacher, who recently started exploring connection, energy and flow with rope. The addition of rope bondage allows another avenue to see and explore the energy, where energetic blockages may exist, or what areas - either physical, emotional, or mental - are craving more attention.



A Safe Space For Healing


We will connect via phone and or email prior to your session for an introductory call to ensure energetic alignment with this work, along with initial dialogue about your familiarity with rope bondage and reiki. It’s perfect if this is your first time experiencing both! During the session we will explore a combination of breathing exercises, meditation, crystal selection, rope bondage, and reiki healing by following the wisdom of the energy and the session. Sessions typically last 1.5 - 2 hours.